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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Fence in 2023

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New year. New you. New fence? While that is always a possibility, these New Year’s resolutions for your fence in 2023 are sure to keep your existing fence looking its best!

So, let’s think beyond healthy eating and exercise and focus our renewed energy on home maintenance, including the following resolutions for your fence.

Think, “I resolve to…”

Keep my wood fence stained and sealed!

If you’ve never stained and/or sealed your wood fences to make them waterproof, the new year is the perfect time to check this task off the list. And if you managed to get this done before winter, the new year is a good time to do it again, especially if the winter weather has been harsh.

Make any needed repairs!

From wood to vinyl to aluminum, inspect your fence for any necessary repairs. You may need to patch a small hole or replace a broken panel, for example. Or, perhaps your gate needs a fitting, or a latch may be in need of some attention. Remember, it’s never too early to jump start your spring cleaning!

Repaint when needed!

Of course, you don’t have to check off all your New Year’s resolutions for your fence in 2023 in January. But you can go ahead and make plans to freshen up your fence this spring with a new coat of paint.

Add flowers, plants or shrubs near my fence!

Make your neighbors green with envy when you add some eye-popping flower beds, shrubs, or plants around your fence. As you make plans to spruce up your fence, get creative!

Depending on the type of fence, you could even incorporate flowering vines such as morning glory or clematis, for instance.

Start that new fence project I’ve been putting off!

Give your home an upgrade with a custom fence that fits all your needs, including safety and security.


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