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6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Fences

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Many of us are at home, which means that we’re searching for ways to pass the time. This year, it’s hard to make the excuse that we aren’t able to spring clean! If you have the time this season, you should remember to add cleaning your fences to the to-do list. That way, the outside of your property will look just as good as the inside. Wondering where to start? We have your back! Follow these helpful tips for spring cleaning your fences.

Make a Game Plan

A little preparation will make the process a lot easier. So, you should start off by making a game plan! Inspect your fence, looking for problem areas. Then, make a list of any supplies you’ll need to bring with you. Finally, decide what you’ll be dealing with and when. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed or caught without crucial supplies.

Clean along the Fence Line

Do you have yard furniture, toys, or clutter along the fence? Pick it up before you get started. If the grass along the fence line needs trimming or weeds need pulling, get those tasks done too. This will give you more space to work! Plus, it knocks out some other spring cleaning chores along the way.

Test Locks and Gates

This is one of the tips for spring cleaning your fence that can just take a moment—but it can do a whole lot. Test your locks and gates to make sure that they’re still in good condition. Does your gate still swing open? Does your lock work well? If necessary, use a bit of lubricant to help out-of-use hinges.

Pull out the Pressure Washer

Pressure washers offer an amazingly deep clean! Don’t be surprised if your fence looks several shades cleaner after using the pressure washer.

Repaint the Fence

Repainting or re-staining your fence is a quick and easy way to give it a new look for spring. Just be sure the paint or stain you are using is appropriate for your fencing material.

Call Turner Fence

All of our fences come with a warranty! That means we’re here to help—and we want to help protect you and your property.  Give us a call for more information about our warranties.


Spring cleaning doesn’t stop inside the house! In fact, with these tips for spring cleaning your fence, you can have a spotless property, inside and out. Now that’s a job well done!

No matter what, you can depend on Turner Fence! With our free quotes, lifetime warranties, and experienced professionals, we’ll make sure that you have a fantastic fence of your own. Visit our contact page here to get started. As for learning more about fences and fence care, check out our blog here.