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7 Common Uses for Temporary Fencing and How It Helps

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You know about wooden fences, vinyl fences, and chain link fences. Now, the question is, how much do you know about temporary fences? If you’re sitting here scratching your head, don’t worry. We’re about to go into the common uses for temporary fencing and how it helps.

Home or Business Projects

Maybe you’re adding a new deck to your home. Or, you’re turning your work building into a more open concept floor plan. As these projects go on, you want to make sure that no person or animal walks into the area in an effort to prevent injury or disturbance to the work being done. Temporary fencing will help discourage them from entering.

Construction Sites

You don’t want someone accidentally walking into your construction site and getting hurt! Sometimes, they might miss a sign. Or, if it’s after hours, they might not even know that there’s construction going on. That can result in massive liability. Fortunately, you can keep everyone safe with temporary fencing. Once the construction is complete, it’s easy to get rid of too.

Road Redirections

Sometimes, due to accidents or constructions, roads and sidewalks may have to close. Installing a temporary fence shows pedestrians and drivers alike to slow down and find a different path.



A fence can keep runners in line—literally. If you are holding a race, you can request temporary fences at the starting line and finishing line areas to minimize overflow. Then, when the race ends, you can just remove them and move on.


Some weddings hire people to direct guests from place to place. An easier—and more reliable—way is simply just putting up atemporary fence. That way, everyone can easily know where they’re supposed to go. Plus, it has the added benefit of keeping wedding crashers out!


Got a big band on stage? Holding a mini play? Welcoming a bunch of different acts? One of the most common uses for temporary fencing is for festivals. It can keep guests, employees, and talent safe as the show goes on.

Seasonal Events

It’s not quite corn maze or sleigh ride time yet. But, when seasonal events come back around, you can ensure that your seasonal event stays safe with some handy temporary fencing.


The next time you throw an event or do some home changes, you might benefit from a protective barrier. If these common uses for temporary fencing inspire you, we can help you plan your next project. Contact Turner Fence for a free quote here. As for learning more about fences, you can always browse our blog. It may even give you some ideas for your upcoming fence!