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7 Residential Fence Styles and What They’re Best For

Wonderful for additional privacy and beauty, residential fences come with a string of benefits, including boosting your home’s curb appeal. But you might be wondering where to start. Indeed, there are all kinds of fencing materials and residential fence styles to choose from. Before tackling your home’s next fencing project, let’s pin down exactly what you may want!

Chain Link

One of the more common residential fence styles, chain link serves a functional purpose. Chain link exceeds at keeping things fenced in, like pets. This fence type, true to its name, features metal links knotted together fastened to poles that stand a few feet apart. Higher-grade chain link fences sport a vinyl finish to help with fending off rust.


Metal fences, while somewhat pricier, offer both functional and decorative additions to any home or yard. This ornamental style brings a presence to the property, while still adding a bit of flair with well-spaced pickets and ornamental scrolls. You can even cut down the price by going the aluminum or ornamental aluminum route!


Sometimes colloquially coined the white picket fence, picket fences have earned a status in American life. While seen as decorative, this staple of residential fence styles is also deceptively functional. Its wide posts, paired with highly durable vinyl or wood, offer homeowners a resilient and attractive fence.


Privacy fences give homeowners the perfect backyard haven. And this fence style can be fashioned from a number of materials, from wood to vinyl. Top it with a decorative lattice pattern—and you have a peaceful retreat that’s private and pretty!


A modern take on the split-rail fence, estate fences feature square posts atop a split-rail design of a magic number: three! Estate fences can be built in vinyl, wood, or metal.


Speaking of split-rail, yesteryear’s version is still in style. Traditional split-rail fences give off a rustic vibe that can complement a more rural residence quite well. Plus, the fence’s functionality can hardly be questioned. These fences date back quite a bit and were once primarily used to corral livestock!


Last, but certainly not least, comes the custom fence. Outfitted to all kinds of specifications, custom fences can be made in vinyl, metal, or even wood. A range of horizontal, vertical, and sometimes curved pickets can overhaul a fence’s functionality, privacy, and decorative elements.


Choosing residential fence styles can seem like a task in itself. We like to handle the hard work at Turner Fence. Look us up online or contact us at (334) 444-9008 and we’ll help you nail down what type of fence would best suit you!

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