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7 Steps for Preparing Your Property for Fence Installation

When it comes to putting up your fence, we love doing all the work! Of course, in order to make sure that your yard is accessible for us, there are a few things to do first. Try out these helpful steps for preparing your property for fence installation, whether it is commercial or residential. All the time and resources saved will make you glad that you did!

Completing Yard Care

An even, accessible yard makes fence-building a breeze. Please ensure that your landscaping and grade work is all done before we arrive!

Clear the Property

Preparing your property for fence installation means keeping an eye out for clutter. Do you have errant rocks, personal belongings, or logs in the way of your future fence? Double-check and make sure that the area is nice and clear.

Find Property Pins and Boundaries

Finding your property’s boundaries is essential to making sure your fence is only on your property.  Locating the property pins is the only legal way to ensure that your fence does not encroach on someone else’s property.

  • Property pins. Your property should have something called “property pins.” They’re long bars made of iron and they sit under your yard, marking its boundaries. Many times they are marked with some sort of stake.  If they are not, you can sometimes locate them with a metal detector using the plat from your deed as a guide.  If you still cannot locate them then you need to have a survey of your property performed by a reputable survey company.

Mark Sprinkler Lines

Do you know where your sprinkler lines are? Search them out and mark them! After all, you don’t want to have to trade your sprinkler lines for a new fence when you could easily have both.  Just be aware that the sprinkler heads come off of the main line.  So even if you mark the heads, you may have not marked the main line.  It is always a good idea to request a map of your sprinkler lines from the landscaper who installed them.

Look up HOA Rules and Regulations

Many Homeowners’ Associations, or HOAs, require specific fencing specs and materials. Look up the rules and regulations—and contact your HOA if necessary as well.

Give Your Neighbors a Heads Up

Good neighbors give the folks around them a heads up before they get a brand new fence! That way, if they need to plan accordingly, they have advance notice.


A strong fence will last and last. Right up until we build it, though, it’s time to start preparing your property for fence installation. Have any questions? Need a free estimate? Or are you ready to go? Call us at (334) 444-9008 or contact us online here. And of course, from all of us at Turner Fence, thank you for choosing us!