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8 Steps for Protecting Your Wooden Fence From Termites

To termites, your fence looks more like a fridge. And if they descend, your once-pristine yard will receive a very unwanted makeover. The fate of your fence rests in your hands! Want to take measures to prevent a free-for-all feast? Turn destructive critters away hungry by following these crucial steps for protecting your wooden fence from termites.

Periodically Inspect Your Fence

We get so used to our homes that we may not see subtle changes. Periodically inspecting your fence can keep you in tune with any potential problems. If you notice new holes or bubbling wood, they might indicate termite interference.

Take Pictures

After your fence construction is completed, take pictures. That way, you can compare any future changes to the original product. You can also use these photos as a resource if you have any questions for us!

Stay Dry

When it rains, or when you water your yard, the area can accumulate standing water. That water, in turn, acts as a calling card for termites. So, remember: your fence needs to stay dry!

Say Goodbye to the Shade

Bright days wait ahead, and it’s because you’re protecting your wooden fence from termites. Not only is sunlight a natural mold killer, but it can also help with termite control. Move objects, like furniture or smaller trees, away from the perimeter of your fence to let the light shine.

Give Your Fence Some TLC

Your fence needs some TLC too! From oil-based stains to termite-resistant paint, you can paint a coat of protection onto your fence.

Keep Other Wood Away

Firewood. Mulch. Stumps. Keep other wood away from your fence! Otherwise, termites may find the area too tempting to avoid.

Relocate Shrubbery

You may know that you’re not supposed to have trees and plants too close to the outside of your home. Why? They can attract bugs—like termites. The same goes for your fence! If you have any plants or shrubs sitting right up against it, then they need your help to relocate.

Rake Your Leaves

Those fall leaves sure look lovely! Still, we can’t let them stay on the ground for long. Otherwise, they’ll draw in termites. Remember to rake your leaves in the autumn—and to dispose of them too.


Protecting your wooden fence from termites takes a minor amount of effort. It also offers long-lasting results! Before we go, though, there’s one final way to ensure a flawless fence: working with us! We even include a warranty with everything we build, so you can count on a product that’s built to last—and to outlast too.

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