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9 Activities to Do in Your Fenced-In Backyard This Fall

A change in seasons means it’s time to add some new activities to your agenda—and fall is here! Get some inspiration with these awesome activities to do in your fenced-in backyard this fall.

Create Art

Take the easels outside! After all, your backyard is much easier to clean up after an art session! Whether you want to paint, draw, or take photographs, autumn will lend some inspiration to your creations. You can even use leaves to make leaf art, pressing them into paint—gently—and imprinting them on a canvas or piece of paper.

Rake the Leaves

Step one: rake the leaves. Step two: jump right into the pile!

Go Camping in the Backyard

There’s no need to leave your property—you can go camping in the backyard. Set up a tent or sleeping bags, get out some flashlights, and practice your best campfire tales. Plus, you also have the advantage of using your own bathroom too!

Toss Water Balloons

Is it one of those warm fall days that thinks it’s still summer? Cool down with a water balloon fight.

Throw a Picnic

A picnic takes only a few minutes to prepare! Make some sandwiches, get out some juice or water, and open a bag of chips. All you need after that is a soft blanket. Prefer a quiet, nighttime option? You can also just bring out warm drinks, like cider, tea, or hot chocolate, and sit out under the stars.

Play Games

Cornhole. Frisbee. Outdoor Jenga. What do they have in common, besides bringing a good time? You can play them all in your backyard! Find your favorite games and start the competition! You can even get Fido in on the excitement by throwing a tennis ball.

Have Fun by the Fire Pit

Another one of the activities to do in your fenced-in backyard this fall involves a crowd-pleaser: s’mores. You can roast marshmallows by your fire pit and warm up during a chilly evening, all at the same time. Can someone please pass the chocolate?

Hold a BBQ

The invitations are out! A BBQ is on the horizon—and your household is the only party on the list. Grill up burgers, brats, barbecue, and more in your fenced backyard. And yes, you need some dessert too!

Carve Pumpkins

If you have a patio or solid, safe surface, you can also carve pumpkins in your backyard. You can even use the insides as fertilizer and snack on the cooked seeds. Plus, this keeps you from making a mess in your front yard or driveway.


These activities to do in your fenced-in backyard this fall will keep you occupied all season long. Roasting marshmallows, competing during cornhole throws, and camping—you’re in for an amazing autumn.

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