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9 Climbing Plants for Your Fence This Spring

March will arrive soon, which means a new season is on the horizon. We don’t have time to waste! If you want to set your yard up for a lush growing season, consider adding some climbing plants for your fence this spring.

Trumpet Vines

For those of us who already leave out feeders from hummingbirds, trumpet vines will tempt them to come back. They’ll happily drink from the colorful flowers growing from the vines!

Climbing Hydrangea

If you have a green thumb, try planting some climbing hydrangea. This particular plant needs someone with persistence—but its flowers are well worth the wait.

Hyacinth Beans

Don’t be fooled by the name—these plants grow lovely flowers. They also love the sun. Make sure you plant them with complete sunlight and trellis too. After all, they deserve to show off!

Morning Glory

Another great option among the climbing plants for your fence is the morning glory. It even will do some work for you, dropping seeds that will grow year after year.


Okay, they don’t climb—but their tall heights and brilliant blooms will complement your fence perfectly. You can start growing yours in late spring. So, if you need bit of extra time, they may offer the ideal option.

Ornamental Hops

Every once and a while, we just want to try something different! Create a yard with a beer-y cool twist: ornamental hops.

Climbing Roses

Imagine making a rose bouquet from the blooms in your backyard! That dream becomes a reality with climbing roses. Just remember—like all good things, they take time and lots of love to grow. And, as a bonus, you can plant them any time of the year—not just spring!


You can probably already picture the purple flowers! If you feel wistful for wisteria, plant it this spring.

Star Jasmine

You know that spot in your yard that seems to soak in all the sun? That’s where you should plant your star jasmine. As it grows, it will add both shade and beauty to your property.


Your plant of choice. A trellis or two. And of course—your Turner Fence. Together, they spell out one perfect picture! As the next season approaches, take your yard to the next level with any one of these  climbing plants for your fence.

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