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Brand Feature: LiftMaster Gate Openers

When we build a fence, we always have its security in mind. One of the best ways we help keep your property safe is by using LiftMaster Gate Openers. Never heard of them before? Wondering how helpful they are? Here’s why we decided to feature this incredible brand—and why you’ll love it too!

What are LiftMaster Gate Openers?

LiftMaster Gate Openers make your residential or commercial fence gate into a mechanical stronghold. They can be controlled by an app on your phone or by a button on a keychain. That means that even if you lose your keychain, you can just turn on your phone. It also means that you can control your LiftMaster Gate from anywhere in the world. How convenient is that?

What types of LiftMaster Gate Openers are there?

There are two basic types of LiftMaster Gate Openers. The first kind is a swing gate, which swings open with the touch of a button. The second kind is a slide gate, which slides open. There are also LiftMaster Gate Operators, which can open the gate from overhead and provide manual or barrier gates.

What are the benefits of LiftMaster Gate Openers?

Adding a LiftMaster Gate Opener to your fence has plenty of benefits. They include:

  • More secure fences;
  • The ability to schedule automatic locking and unlocking schedules;
  • Protection for your business or commercial property;
  • Protection for your home;
  • Remote access; and
  • Activity alerts.


Swing or slide gates? Aluminum or wooden fencing? Higher or lower? Picking out the right fence for your property may seem overwhelming at first. However, with Turner Fence on your side, you can find the perfect plan for your property. That includes installing the fantastic LiftMaster Gate Openers—and whatever else you need.

We also give free estimates, making the process even simpler. Finally, we offer the Turner Fence Guarantee—which means that we will be on hand to help, long after your fence has been constructed. After all, our customers matter to us—and we want to make sure that they’re as safe and secure as possible.

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to assist you! Call us at (334) 444-9008 or visit our site to learn more. Plus, to find out about fencing and fence-building, check out our blog.