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Choosing Your Commercial Fence Material: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Part of picking the best type of fence for your needs involves choosing the right material, which can depend on aesthetics, purpose or a combination of both. Keep these things in mind when choosing your commercial fence material, and then let the experts at Turner Fence get to work!

Consider your climate.

Certain types of commercial fence materials bode better in some climate types than others. For example, wooden fences offer a sturdy yet stylish option; however, if you live in a particularly humid area, they can deteriorate quickly. In addition, not every material can cut it and withstand more extreme environments; however, materials like aluminum and aluminum alloy can handle corrosive elements, as well as beachside locations. That means you should seriously consider your climate before choosing your commercial fence material.

Beware of building codes.

Properties and cities require that business owners obey building codes when it comes to construction. These codes aren’t just limited to the buildings themselves. They also include fencing! Read up on local codes, because they could require you to use a specific type of material.

Pick your purpose.

The reason for needing a commercial fence can determine the type o commercial fence material you use. For example, if you need a fence for security, chain link fencing can be better because they offer no places for intruders to hide. If you’re simply going for aesthetic appeal, then wood, vinyl or steel might suit you better.

Make maintenance a factor.

Some commercial fencing material can stand up to the test of time longer than others. If you want something low-maintenance for your commercial property, opt for choices like aluminum or vinyl. If you prefer the look of wood or wrought iron and don’t mind the upkeep, then just make sure you’re willing to handle the maintenance.

Contemplate the cost.

You should factor in both short-term and long-term costs when planning for a professional fence installation. In the short-term, your budget will likely determine which type of commercial fence material you select. In the long-term, consider the upkeep mentioned above as part of your overall cost.

Still unsure about which type of commercial fence material you need? We can help. Choosing your commercial fence material, building the fence, and answering all your questions along the way—Turner Fence is ready for duty. Visit our website to begin. Plus, for more on fencing, read our blog here.