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Picking the Best Fence Material for Your Pets

It’s officially spring! That means more time outside for people and their pets. Is your backyard in need of a border to keep your favorite furry friend safe? Check out these tips for picking the best fence material for your pets before you decide.

What to consider

Before picking the best fence material for your pets, there are several factors to consider. For starters, pet owners should think about their pet’s personality. Is your dog a digger, a jumper or a climber, for instance?

Secondly, consider the fence material’s durability. The size of your pet is something to consider in this case as well. The larger the pet, the stronger the material may need to be.

Next, think about an appropriate height for your fence. You will want a fence that is high enough to keep your pet in while keeping other animals and people out. However, if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, you’ll want to check with them for any possible fence requirements, including height.

Other important features to consider when picking the best fence material for your pets include maintenance, versatility and style.

Types of fences

Now that you’ve considered everything from your pet’s behavior to the fence’s versatility, let’s look at the types of fences to choose from and why they may work for you.

There are a wide range of options, such as chain link, aluminum, vinyl and wooden, for example. Chain link fences are cost-efficient, easy to maintain and offer good visibility when it comes to your surroundings.

If you are looking for a super durable, low-maintenance fence, an aluminum fence would be a good choice. It is also an ideal choice for smaller yards.

Is your dog a jumper? A vinyl fence may be a good option if so. The smooth material of vinyl fencing makes it hard for a pet to get a grip to jump over it. You could also plant shrubs in front of the fence to deter jumping.

Another good choice for pet fencing is a wooden privacy fence. Wooden fences are typically about 6-feet tall, which makes them a good height in general.

Privacy fences provide a good barrier, but they may require regular maintenance. Property owners should check for cracks, gaps or spaces that smaller dogs could fit through.

Remember, if your dog is prone to digging, talk to our fencing experts about possible add-on options for your aluminum, vinyl or chain link fence to extend into the ground, for example. There is also an option to add a concrete trough or ditch with the wire in the concrete to deter extreme diggers.


Are you still asking yourself what fence material would be best for you and your pet? Talk to your local fence experts at Turner Fence, proudly serving Auburn-Opelika, Dadeville and Alexander City. Contact us to find out more about your fencing options. In the meantime, keep reading our blogs for more fence-spiration!