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7 Ideas for Decorating Your Fence for the Holidays

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First, Halloween. Now, Thanksgiving. Next, Christmas! ‘Tis the season to put your best fence forward while showing off your style. Check out these seven ideas for decorating your fence for the holidays.

Hang wreaths on your fence.

First up on our list of ideas for decorating your fence for the holidays is a classic—wreaths. Whether you decide to hang several wreaths or one central wreath, the finished product will be a nostalgic display.

Let it shine.

Put a twinkle in others’ eyes with twinkle lights. Let your fence be merry and bright with strings of twinkle lights. The question is: do you prefer all-white or multi-color?

Make it a beautiful backdrop.

A handcrafted fence makes the perfect backdrop! Line up décor in front of your fence. Nativity scenes, toy soldiers, inflatables or Santa and his reindeer all bring holiday cheer.

Hang a holiday sign on the fence.

The possibilities with holiday greetings are endless! From “Noel” to “Peace on Earth” to “Merry Christmas,” personalize your fence with season’s greetings.

Hang luminaries.

Create a magical season when you hang luminaries on your fence. There are several safe options, ranging from DIY mason jars and hanging wire to handcrafted tins.

Turn white picket fences into snowmen or candy canes.

Add button eyes, little hats, scarves and mittens to transform your fence posts into Frosty the Snowman and friends.

Or, wrap red ribbon around the individual posts for candy canes.

Add outdoor ornaments.

Forget the halls and walls, deck your fence with an array of outdoor ornaments. You can go big, medium, small or use a combination for a festive look!


Of course, these creative ideas for decorating your fence for the holidays all start with the same thing—a fence. If you are ready to install a new fence or upgrade an existing one, we’re ready to assist! Contact us today to get started, and keep reading our blogs for more “fence-spiration.”