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5 Reasons to Install a Commercial Fence

Homes aren’t the only types of properties that can benefit from building a fence. In fact, we’ll share these five reasons to install a commercial fence that will have you asking yourself why you didn’t do it sooner!


First of all, one of the main reasons to install a commercial fence around your business is for added security. Not only will a commercial fence protect your property and products, but it will also improve overall safety for your employees and customers.

Access control.

From chain link to aluminum, security-style fencing with a gate will give you even more control over who comes onto your property and when. It can help limit unwanted solicitors, uninvited guests and potential wrongdoers from gaining access to your business.

Promote privacy.

Depending on your business and its location, a commercial fence can add another layer of privacy for your customers or clients. If your clients or customers value their privacy when they visit, a solid wooden fence is a good option to consider, for example.

Create a clear boundary.

Know where your property begins and ends. Benefit from a clearly-marked boundary thanks to your commercial fence.

Improved appearance.

Add to the overall aesthetics of your business with a custom commercial fence. Fencing options can be tailored to fit your business needs without sacrificing style!

The professionals at Turner Fence will be happy to talk to you about your vision, your individual situation and what kind of fence and material may be best for you.


Now that these top five reasons to install a commercial fence are top of mind, contact your local experts at Turner Fence to get started! We proudly serve the Auburn-Opelika area, plus Dadeville and Alexander City as well. Take a minute to view our commercial portfolio for some fence-piration, and keep reading our blogs for more fencing tips.