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6 Famous Fences From Around the World

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Fences line the globe. Literally. Our fascination with fences and barriers traces back millennia, crisscrossing centuries and cultures. This reality still stands true with the famous fences from around the world that continue to grace us today.

Hadrian’s Wall

Erected between circa 122 and 128 BCE, Hadrian’s Wall owes its name to the revered Roman emperor Hadrian. It was built as a barrier to protect Britannia, and its Roman colonies, from the Scottish tribesman native to the north. At its height, the wall spanned 73 miles, and stood 16 to 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

The Great Wall of China

Speaking of walls, one of the most famous fences from around the world is the Great Wall of China. This well-known wall came about as a preventative measure against invasion. Its roots trace back to the third century BCE, commissioned by Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

The Green Monster

True to its name, the Boston-based Green Monster gained fame for its massive size and eye-drawing green color. The Green Monster is a major feature of Fenway Park, and boasts 11-meter-high walls.

Bra Fence

The bra fence, located halfway around the world from Green Monster, draws its share of eyeballs as well. The New Zealand wire fence has become a photo op hot spot due to the garments laced through it: bras. Brassieres in the hundreds have found themselves hung from the fence since 1999.

Dingo Fence

Still staying down under, the Dingo Fence in Australia can claim to be the longest true fence on Earth. It stretches 3,400 miles among the arid, Australian outback, from South Australia to New South Wales. The Dingo Fence was constructed in the 1880s as a protection against roaming wildlife.

Buckingham Palace Fence

Some of the famous fences from around the world protect famous people, like the British Royals. The fence at Buckingham Palace keeps the members of the monarchy safe, while presenting an aura of majesty through its ornate design.


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