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Installing a Fence on a Sloped Yard: What Are Your Options?

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All yards are different! They also come with their own unique strengths and limitations. Many people may think that installing a fence on a sloped yard won’t yield a strong outcome—but maybe they’ve never worked with us before. If your property includes that feature, you have options—like these!

Straight Fences

If you have simple needs, you may want a straight fence. This option essentially pretends that your sloped yard sits flatly. So, you’d get a standard fence!

Usually, we install this option on less-pronounced cases. Otherwise, it may include unwanted gaps, where kids or animals can slide through the space.

Racked Fences

If the idea of gaps gives you chills, check out racked fences. When installed, the rails will precisely rest around your property’s natural dips and rises. Meanwhile, the posts will all measure at the same height. As for the pickets, they will stay in the same vertical position. (Need to brush up on your fence terms? Read our blog here!)

Notably, builders tend to use premade racked fences composed of PVC or aluminum. Still, your fence builder can also opt to custom-make your fence with your medium of choice. Wooden pickets also offer a common option for racked fences.

Privacy Fences

You and your neighbors will love this option! Because privacy fences have a shadowbox nestled in the middle of their individually-placed pickets, they offer a sense of peace and quiet.

Your builder will install them like a racked fence. While it does have one downside—gaps—it may also stand out as the perfect option for those splitting the cost of their fence with their neighbors.

Stepped Fences

Another approach we take when installing a fence on a sloped yard occurs when we build stepped fences. Picture them like, well, steps in a staircase! That means their posts will measure at different heights as they progress farther and farther down the slope. The tallest will stand at the bottom, while the shortest will await at the top.

Like straight fences and privacy fences, stepped fences may have gaps. Still, theirs tend to be smaller. Plus, you can always use the space as a chance to redecorate with a bench, climbing plants, bushes, or planters.


At Turner Fence, we love making owners proud of their properties! And no—we don’t turn away from a challenge. As it comes time to install a fence on a sloped yard—or do other custom builds—we can help. Contact us at 334-444-9008 or through our website for a free estimate. Plus, for more on fences and fence building, visit our blog here.