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Fence Etiquette: How to Connect to Your Neighbor’s Fence

Connecting fences between your house and your neighbors can add a comfortable layer of privacy for both parties. Let’s take a look at how to connect to your neighbor’s fence without intruding. This includes factors such as property lines, installation and maintenance.

Talk to your neighbor

In most places, you are not required to have permission from your neighbor to build a fence, but doing so can prevent future disputes during construction and potentially save you money.

If your neighbors don’t already have a fence, you can ask them if they’d like to split the cost. If your neighbors believe they could benefit from a fence as well, they may agree. This can save you money while also providing privacy for both homes.

When it comes to how to connect to your neighbor’s fence, you will want to consider the following things, including the most important step: talking to them.

Know where your property line is

Before building or connecting a fence, it is important to make sure you know where your property line is. Without knowing this, you will not have a claim to make if your neighbor says you are encroaching on their property.

It is common that if your neighbor’s land extends past their fence when they let you connect to it, they will lose that space between the two properties. In many cases, this goes smoothly considering they were not utilizing the space outside of the fence anyway, but it is still a sacrifice that needs to be brought up.

Follow fence regulations and HOA rules

Another thing you should take into consideration is your homeowners’ association’s rules and regulations. Many HOAs often have strict guidelines on fence style, size and even color.

For more information on HOA guidelines, check out our previous blog 6 Fence Features Your HOA May Specify In Its Guidelines.

Maintain your fence

Adding a fence to your property can help increase your privacy as well as add value to your property when taken care of properly. In turn, neglecting your fence can shorten its lifespan and durability.

When connecting to a neighbor’s fence, it is a good idea to have a written agreement. This agreement can state which parts of the fence you own and which parts are owned by your neighbor. You can include that any damage to the neighbor’s side of the fence needs to be repaired by them, and vice versa. You can also specify maintenance you’d like them to complete on their side of the fence.

Fence maintenance should include cleaning, refinishing and power washing it periodically.


Now that you know how to connect to your neighbor’s fence without intruding, you are ready to take the next steps in building your fence. Are you in the East Alabama area looking for a reliable company? Turner Fence is here for you! Contact us to learn how to get a free estimate.

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