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6 Fence Features Your HOA May Specify In Its Guidelines

You think “home improvement,” but your Homeowner’s Association may think “eyesore.” In an effort to maintain consistency throughout the neighborhood, there are certain features your HOA may specify in its guidelines. Be aware of them on the front end to avoid costing yourself time and money in the long run!

The type of fencing material.

HOAs are on a mission to maintain a certain uniform look throughout the neighborhood. To that end, fences may be required to use the same or similar materials only.

Fence height.

In terms of fence height, many HOAs are particular about how tall a fence can be as well as the width of the individual slats.

The recommended height is usually based on safety or visibility concerns.

For instance, if you live on a corner lot, your fence may have to be slightly shorter than other fences in the neighborhood because it affects a driver’s view.

Fencing style.

Next up on fence features your HOA may specify in its guidelines, aesthetics! Again, circling back to uniformity, HOAs may only approve certain styles.

This could also include certain colors or whether or not the fence can be painted or stained, for example.

The location of the fence.

You may not think where the fence goes is a big deal, but it can be. Your fence may need to be a specific distance within the property or just off the property line. This is known as a setback.

Consider natural landscape.

In general, gated communities or HOA-governed communities often invest in beautiful landscaping or natural features such as a central pond.

Your fence may need to be built around a mature tree, for instance, or you may be required to plant bushes on the outside of the fence facing the street.

Fence maintenance.

Once your HOA-approved fence is constructed, you will need to keep it in good shape. Replace damaged parts, including hardware and gate latches, as needed. Sometimes these types of maintenance tasks are outlined in HOA regulations.


Overall, fence features your HOA may specify in its guidelines have one common goal. It’s all about protecting the best interests—and property values—of your neighborhood.

So, work with them and get approval on your fencing project before you contact us to schedule your free estimate! In the meantime, keep reading our blogs to learn more about fencing tips, styles, materials and other industry news.