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Fences and Blocking Noise: Things to Consider

Neighborhood noise and street traffic can leave you searching for peace and quiet. But you needn’t suffer in silence. Let’s look at a few key things to consider when it comes to fences and blocking noise.


Simply put, mass reduces sound. Hence, fences meant to block noise need to be substantial.

Certain types of fences can, in fact, help lessen the sounds of a busy street. Of course, some materials work better than others when it comes to fences and blocking noise.

Typically, a fence designed to act as a sound barrier will consist of thick, tongue-and-groove boards. Red cedar privacy fences, for instance, are ideal candidates for noise-blocking.

Another good option to consider involves adding an extra layer of protection. One way to do that is with mass-loaded vinyl.

Mass-loaded vinyl is sold in sheets. The sheets are stapled to thefence frame and then sandwiched between two thick, wood panels.

If you are looking for a fence that requires less upkeep than a wood fence, PVC privacy fences might be a good choice.

Like their wooden counterparts, noise-dampening PVC privacy fences use a tongue-and-groove interlocking system to impede sound waves.

Size matters

When using wood for fences and blocking noise, aim high.

Sound can easily travel over a short fence, but not a tall one. Be sure to check city ordinances and guidelines before building your super tall fence to ensure there are no height restrictions in your area.

Greenery and white noise

Think of these as assistants for fences and blocking noise.

Consider planting thick, ample trees and shrubs to help absorb unwanted noise. Plant them in front of your fence, behind your fence or both.

You can also fight sound with sound. For example, the bubbling sounds of a water fountain may help drown out less desirable noise.


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