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Shadowbox Fences: What Are They and Why Are They Beneficial?

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Are you considering a privacy fence, but you don’t like the standard look? Shadowbox fences are an option you may want to consider. Here, we’ll break down what they are and how they could benefit you!

What are shadowbox fences?

In a nutshell, shadowbox fences are popular privacy fences that look good on both sides and are constructed to create a shadow.

The fence is built in a staggered arrangement of boards. Pickets are fixed on either side with the boards set up the same way on the reverse side. The end result is a fence with small gaps between the boards.

Thus, shadowbox fences provide the ideal balance between airy and private.

Why are they beneficial?

For starters, shadowbox fences are generally made with cedar, cypress, spruce, pine or fir. Fences made with cedar and cypress, for instance, are extremely durable and act as natural insect repellents as well.

Another shadowbox fence benefit is while the fence is private, the small spaces between the boards do let curious children and pets safely peek through to see what’s beyond the fence.

Yet another benefit stemming from the design of shadowbox fences is the fact they can typically tolerate wind and storms better than solid fences.

Like many fence options, shadowbox fences are customizable. This includes the type of wood, the style, the height and a possible stain, for example.

Finally, shadowbox fences are eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing fences for both you and your neighbor!

Make it yours

Again, a shadowbox fence is a good option for homeowners interested in creating a secure space that is also somewhat open. The fun part is deciding what type of wood, style and stain would work best for you and your property.

Options range from classic to sophisticated to gothic. Some shadowbox fences include face trim with exposed posts and copper caps. Shadowbox fences can also incorporate a swag design with post finials.


Are you ready to find out more about constructing a custom fence? We are ready to talk about all the possibilities—from shadowbox fences to vinyl fences to farm fences. Contact us today to get started! In the meantime, keep reading our blogs for more fencing styles and benefits.