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Specialty Fences: What Are They Used For?

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When you think of fencing, the typical images of a simple wooden privacy fence or the common chain link fence often come to mind. However, don’t let those images “fence” you into a misleading concept of what fencing can be. In fact, specialty fences are a growing category and include a variety of styles.

Think Outside the Fence

A good way to conceptualize a specialty fence is to basically plug in the word “versatile.” Specialty fences—or versatile fences—include anything from garden borders to horse fences to gazebos. This fencing category allows for a little creative thinking and designing—that’s part of what makes it special.

Things to Consider

As you begin thinking about your specialty fence project, there are a few key things to consider. First of all, what is the functional purpose of the fence? Are you protecting land, your loved ones or trying to keep animals in or out? Is it a combination of these? After clearly identifying your fencing goals, you need to consider durability and find a material that best fits your needs. Last but not least is the final result and overall look of your specialty fence. At Turner Fence, we strive to ensure the finished product will be aesthetically pleasing and enhance property.

More Examples

To further explain the specialty fence phenomenon, a couple of additional examples may help paint a clearer picture. One popular style of specialty fences would be the vinyl split rail fence often used for borders on farms or ranches. Another example would be the three-rail crushed spear ornamental aluminum fencing. This is typically seen around luxury apartment complexes, city parks and pools.


Simply put, specialty fences are fences that are out of the ordinary.  If you can imagine it and you need it, we can work with you to make your fencing vision a reality. Check out a few examples of the specialty fences we have created for satisfied clients here. To find other ideas or fencing solutions, search our other blogs for inspiration.