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4 Fence Trends for 2023

You may not know this about us, but we love fences—from the materials to the designs to the purposes they serve. And we’ve been keeping an eye on the hottest fence trends for 2023 to help you stay cool year-round!

Low-maintenance fences are in demand.

One of the popular fence trends for 2023 focuses on upkeep, or rather, lack thereof. Homeowners lately are looking for fences that require minimal maintenance.

For example, ornamental aluminum and vinyl options are good choices for individuals who just want to clean the fence occasionally and not have to worry about painting or staining it.

Privacy and security are a must.

These days, many people want fences that offer privacy and security, such as solid privacy fences. One of our favorite styles is the Hamilton privacy fence. This modern design features a straight top to create a bold look.

For more ideas when it comes to privacy and security, check out our portfolio.

Modern fence design is popular.

Speaking of modern fence designs, it’s another one of the big fence trends for 2023 that we are all about! From shadow box privacy fences to arched top privacy fences to horizontal privacy fences, we love the clean look and lines of these styles, for instance.

Chain link and vinyl fences are growing in popularity.

We know we already mentioned these materials as lower maintenance options, but that’s not the only reason homeowners are opting for these fencing materials.

Compared to their wooden counterparts, chain link and vinyl fences tend to be less expensive. Low cost and low maintenance make this an ideal choice for some.


To summarize, Turner Fence is ready to help you embrace one or all of these fence trends for 2023, and the best part is, every fence starts with a free estimate! Keep reading our blogs for more industry news, fencing styles and options. Then contact us to start your 2023 fence.