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4 Things to Consider Before Installing a Gate Operator

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Security and privacy are important to both homes and businesses. Are you looking to install a security gate and gate operator? Be sure you know exactly what your property needs by reading these things to consider before installing a gate operator.

Do I need an electric gate? 

First and foremost, does your property need an electric gate? An electric gate is a modern security system that puts the power in your hands. This type of gate is common at commercial properties such as apartment complexes and industrial buildings, as well as at the entry point of residential driveways.

Electric gates with gate operators, such as LiftMaster, offer both durability and reliability.

What level of security do I need? 

All properties are different and require different security levels. Generally, homes and businesses are typically looking to deter trespassing. However, if you live or work in a high-risk area, you may want a more secure gate for additional safety.

What look do I want? 

Are aesthetics important to you? For many residential and commercial security gates, it is. And like fences, these gates come in several styles, colors and materials.

Take time to consider the location and needs of your gate to determine the look you are going for.

Is telephone capability needed?

Although electronic gates and gate operators give you convenient control over your gate, you may not always know who is trying to get in. With telephone capability, you are given access to communicate with everyone entering your property.

If you get regular visitors, think about installing a security gate and operator with this feature. By doing this, guests can easily call through the system attached to the gate for you to grant or deny entry.


With these things to consider before installing a gate operator in mind, are you ready to move forward with securing your property? Contact Turner Fence, a locally owned and operated fencing company committed to protecting your home and business.

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