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4 Tips for Talking to Your Neighbor About a New Fence

You’ve imagined the finished product and contacted a fencing company—like us! Now, what’s next? Before anyone starts building, if your property lines up to a neighbor’s, talking to your neighbor about a new fence is a common courtesy. Here are a few tips to help out!

Confirm Property Lines

Even if you and your neighbors are all original owners, you may have some confusion about property lines. Check up with them to make sure that everyone is on the same page. You can even find the original documents, so that everything is clearly stated. Your neighbors will also appreciate that you are acting conscientiously.

Talk about a Mutually-Beneficial Deal

Have you and your neighbors discussed wanting a fence? If you’re on good terms with them—or they’ve previously mentioned getting a fence—they may want to participate in the fence-building process. That means input on the materials, construction, and payment. Of course, you should only consider this option if you have reasonable belief that they would want to join in the process.

Make Sure They Know What’s Happening

If you’ve got a fence installation timeline in place, keep your neighbor up to speed throughout the process. Let him or her know the date—or dates—and time of the installation. That way, everyone can plan ahead and understand want to expect.

Send Them a Thank You

People always remember the actions of a good neighbor! After your new fence is standing tall, send the folks next door a thank you note—whether they contributed to the build, or simply were patient during construction.


Home sweet home means something different to us all. We all have our plans and preferences for how our property should look. That’s why good communication is so important! These tips for talking to your neighbor about a new fence can help you properly navigate the situation. And when you need someone to build that fence, contact us for a free estimate! You can also learn more about fencing here.