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8 Ways Building a Fence Enhances Your Property Value

Homes often appreciate in value over time. Still, we can also give that price a little nudge of our own! From putting in a pool, to updating the kitchen with new appliances, to replacing the roof, you can make important investments in your house. And, of course, you can always build a fence! Fences will increase the value of almost any property—not just residential ones. Still need some convincing? We’ll walk you through several ways building a fence enhances your property value.

Improving the appearance

People are drawn to pretty things! If your fence looks aesthetically pleasing, it can add value to your property for that fact alone.

Don’t forget—you don’t have to stop at a new fence. You can also beautify the area by growing climbing plants there too.

Appealing to those with children

From parents, to grandparents, to aunts and uncles, those with children want a place where their kiddos can play safely. Adding a fence into the equation makes a home more desirable—and it reflects in the price.

Creating a draw for pet parents

If you have a dog—or even an adventurous cat—a fenced yard can offer some much-needed convenience. So, when it comes to buying, pet parents may be more inclined to shell out extra for a home with a fence.

Preventing liabilities

Something about pools seems to turn backyards into neighborhood beacons. Everyone wants to take a swim! However, a pool without a fence to match can turn into a huge liability. It might even make people pass on buying your home. Protect your property—and your investment—by fencing in your pool.

Offering extra security

Another one of the ways building a fence enhances your property value involves good old-fashioned peace of mind. A house with a fence has extra security—and that comes at a profitable premium.

Plus, if you want to increase your level of protection, you can also request gate locks, LiftMaster gate openers, and other high-tech features.

Taking the numbers into account

From a numbers perspective, your home reflects the financial investments you put into it. So, if you add something new to the property, its value will reflect it. That is, as long as you get the upgrade done by someone you can trust!

Establishing a sense of privacy

There’s a time and a place to get to know our neighbors! Fences establish boundaries and a sense of privacy. That way, we can greet the folks nearby when we’re good and ready.

Bringing a sense of convenience

For all of the reasons above, many people prefer to have a house with a fence—even if that means putting one up after they move. However, if you have a fence already, that checks one more thing off of their to-do list. Easy peasy!


You know the ways building a fence enhances your property value. Now, you need someone you can trust to do the job right: Turner Fence! Message us here for your free quote. Plus, to learn more about the fences we make, check out our blog.