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5 Tips for Caring for Chain Link Fences

Hailing from industrial roots, chain link fences have found their way to both residential and commercial properties. And for good reason. Chain link fencing offers low-cost, high-value protection. To keep costs even lower, follow these tips for caring for chain link fences.

Follow proactive practices.

Even with chain link fences, damage can occur. Being proactive can cut down costs in the long run. Resolve rust, replace broken or damaged places, and clean the fence with steel wool. If rusting is advanced, you may want to opt for borax or a commercial rust-removal mixture. Rubbing down your fence with a rust-resistant finish can help hinder rust from the get-go.

Cut back vegetation.

Vines and other shrubbery can wreak havoc on a chain link fence’s integrity. Freeing your fence from these prickly problems can increase its lifespan.

Keep moisture to a minimum.

You can’t do much about the rain, but you can corral other moisture-collecting methods like low-hanging brush and leaves. Keeping your fence clear from these moisture magnets will help fend off rust and other fence woes.

Clean it every now and then.

Tips for caring for chain link fences wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a good scrub down. Cleaning between seasons can keep your fence looking new—and functioning optimally. Soapy water will do the trick, and don’t forget to oil the springs, latches, and joints. Oiling your gate’s hinges can also curb rust and keep your fence fully operational.

Nail down loose ends.

Remember to check your chain link fence’s nails regularly. Tighten loose screws, secure bolts, and fix loose nails that could spell trouble over the long haul.


Chain link fences, while durable, do require care. Take these tips for caring for chain link fences into consideration. You’ll see results—and a longer fence life.

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