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Fence Height: How Tall Should I Build My Fence?

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Building a fence comes with many benefits. It can keep animals out. Help keep children in. Give a little privacy if your neighbors are nosier than you’d like. However, many people who set out on a new fencing project become perplexed by an important aspect: fence height. You might have to consider a number of factors in order to settle on the right fence height for your needs. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Look Over Local Laws and Ordinances

 For many communities, local laws and ordinances dictate how high your fence can be. For instance, an ornamental or picket fence in the front yard may have a set height at three feet. Backyard fences in your area may only be able to be built to six feet. Check on your local city or community’s laws regarding fence height, which could include respective homeowners’ associations’ (HOAs) guidelines.

Define Your Specific Needs

Once the bureaucratic standards have been met for fence height, it’s time to identify your specific needs. If you’re set on having a backyard fence—and animals are an issue—you’ll have to consider that when you’re building.

Larger dog breeds may need a fence height between four and six feet—or even north of that depending on the breed. German Shepherds, for instance, are quite agile jumpers and would more than likely need at least a six-foot fence to contain them. The same thing applies to deer and other larger critters. A fence for smaller animals like chickens or rabbits would not need to be incredibly tall. However, the fence should extend at least six inches in the ground to deter burrowing.

For pools, many municipal codes require a specific fence height. You might want to build taller depending on your specific circumstances, such as your pool’s penchant to collect unwelcome guests or wandering children.

Build for Safety and Security

When building, don’t forget the primary purpose of your fence, whatever that may be. Your fence height will largely be based upon that. Fences are great for privacy, safety, and security—and their height (within reason) should enhance those aspects.


If you’re still having trouble nailing down a suitable fence height, consider giving Turner Fence a ring at 334-444-9008 or by visiting our website and/or contact page. Our fence experts can help you determine exactly what your fencing needs are, including how tall your fence should be.

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