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4 Types of Specialty Fencing and Why You Might Need Them

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Sure, your yard is fenced in and your property is secure, but are there other out-of-the-ordinary fencing projects you’re thinking about? Check out these four types of specialty fencing and why you might need them, which could be news to you!

Porch and balcony fencing 

Porches and balconies provide the perfect area to enjoy fresh air but aren’t complete without protective railings. If you are constructing a porch or balcony or need a refresh on your current one, consider hiring a fencing company to provide the border to your outdoor oasis.

A pergola 

From a little shade from the summer heat to sitting by a fire pit in the fall and winter, a comfortable outdoor space is essential. That’s why you should consider a pergola, one of the four types of specialty fencing you might not know you need.

A pergola is an open-air structure that helps to define an outdoor space and create an appealing visual. You may also use a pergola to add shade to an area.

Outdoor kennels 

Do you have pets that love to be outdoors but need a safe place to go at night or when visitors are around? An outdoor kennel might be the perfect solution! From small to large, you can create an outdoor kennel to tailor to your animal’s needs. Need space to roam around? We can build that! Looking for something smaller to hold them for just a few minutes? We got you!

Utility protection 

Outdoor activity is a necessity for children, pets and even adults! But are you worried about all the utility boxes and systems outside your home? Are you looking to protect similar items outside your business? Think about installing a fence around them!

Putting a fence around your utilities offers an added layer of protection to them as well as safety to those around them.


With these four types of specialty fencing fresh in mind, are you ready to get started with your next fencing project? Contact Turner Fence to schedule your free estimate! In the meantime, continue reading our blogs for more fencing facts, tips and news.