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5 Reasons to Install Your New Fence This Spring

Spring is in full bloom, and there is no better time to tackle a few home improvement projects. We’re sharing five reasons to install your new fence this spring to help you get started on your next project!

Ideal weather conditions.

First up on the reasons to install your new fence this spring list is the weather. It’s not too hot or too cold. Mild temperatures and more sunshine create a naturally productive environment.

Get ahead of fence building’s busy season.

Fence installations are a hot summer commodity, which means wait times could be longer.

But building your fence in the spring puts you ahead of the summer rush. It also means your beautiful, new fence will likely be completed by the summer, ready for you to enjoy!

Keep your family and pets safe.

Another one of the top reasons to install your new fence this spring, or any season, is safety. Fences provide a secure boundary for both children and pets.

Install a new fence this spring and watch your family and pets play in the safety of your yard all summer long.

Add curb appeal.

Simply put, fences can add an aesthetically pleasing element to your home. A custom fence can add a personal touch to your home. It can be elegant, modern or rustic, for example.

What’s more, it will impress all your friends and neighbors at those summer barbecues…and fall football parties…and winter holiday gatherings.

A new fence is a good way to use your tax return.

Re-invest your tax refund. Use the funds to help pay for your new fence and think of it as an investment. After all, you are adding value to your home! Here’s one of our blogs that shares the ways a fence can enhance your property value.


Finally, installing a fence this spring means peace of mind this season and beyond! If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to what type of fence is right for you, we’d be happy to help. It all starts with a free estimate from Turner Fence. Meanwhile, keep reading our blogs for more fencing ideas.