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9 Ways to Reuse Your Old Wooden Fence Materials

Are you having your wooden fence replaced? Depending on the condition of the wood, there are several cool ways to reuse your old wooden fence materials for unique DIY home projects.

Here are nine solid ideas for starters!

Build a coffee table.

Add a warm, rustic touch when you take old wooden fence panels and turn them into a coffee table.

Make your own home décor.

Of all the ways to reuse your old wooden fence materials, creating custom home décor is full of endless possibilities!

From custom signs with sayings to wooden clocks to picture frames, your imagination is the limit.

Craft a headboard.

Is your bedroom missing a special touch? Upgrade your décor with a handmade DIY headboard.

Build planter boxes.

Let your garden grow in wooden planters. Plant herbs or potted flowers! Either way, your old fence just added a new kind of beauty to your outdoor space.

Hide your AC unit.

When you use your old wooden fence panels to hide your AC unit, you go from eyesore to unique feature. Salvage good pieces of wood and then decide how you want your finished product to look.

The fence panels can even mimic the look of a fence in a vertical design. Or, create a true box with horizontal boards. Paint it or stain it for a whole new look.

Construct a bookcase.

Whether you use pieces for the back only, or the whole bookcase, this is one smart way to recycle useable wooden fence materials.

Build a wine rack.

First, decide if you want a standing wine rack or a wall-mounted one. Then think about how many wine bottles you’ll be storing. Finally, get creative and build yourself a one-of-a-kind wine rack.

Store your firewood.

From fence panels to firewood holder, keep your firewood pile off the ground and away from the house in a convenient wooden storage unit.

Improve your outdoor space with a deck.

Use old wooden fence panels as deck panels. An old cedar fence would be a good wood to consider using for this sort of project.


If you have the sudden urge to update your wooden fence, contact us today! We’d be happy to talk about a variety of fencing options. Plus, we can talk more about ways to reuse your old wooden fence materials and point out a few good pieces to save. In the meantime, keep reading our blogs for more fence inspiration!