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The Anatomy of an Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence is versatile, affordable and durable. It is a low-maintenance fence that won’t rust or crack! Ready to install a high-quality fence today? Let’s take a look at the anatomy of an aluminum fence and how it is constructed.

The Essentials

 Every aluminum fence will have these critical key parts.


Posts are the number-one component of an aluminum fence. They work to increase the structural integrity of the fence and keep it sturdy.

These are fixed into hard surfaces like concrete or soft surfaces such as grass in order to ensure your fence stays in place. Posts attach to the picket panels or glass panels around your fence.


The panels are made up of two essential parts: the horizontal rails and the vertical pickets. The horizontal rails of a panel insert into holes located on the posts and then screw in to hold them in place.

Additional Components

These hardware and accessories may not be on every fence, but they can increase functionality as well as appearance.


Gates are an optional, but highly-recommended component of the anatomy of an aluminum fence. A gate provides you with a way to enter and exit your outdoor area.

Designed in the same style as the panels, the gates are strengthened by welding. This is because gates are the most-used part of the fence and the only element that moves. All gates require a set of hinges as well as a latch to keep the gate closed.


Brackets are used to connect the picket panels to the posts at any angle.


If you are looking for something to enhance the look of your fence, the cap can provide just what you are looking for. A cap goes on top of the main posts of your fence. Caps not only improve the look of your fence, but also protect the posts from the elements and cover any rough edges.

There are different types of caps you can choose from, including a standard cap, a ball cap, and many other designs and adornments.


The anatomy of an aluminum fence can seem intimidating. Fortunately, the experts at Turner Fence are here to help!

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