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7 Types of Gate Lock Options for Your Fence

So, you know what kind of material to use for your fence. Now, we can move on to the next part: picking out your lock. Feeling overwhelmed? We’ll talk you through a few types of gate lock options for your commercial, specialty, or residential fence.


The simplest gate lock option is a trusty padlock. All you need to do is close it around the gate latch. That, and keep the key handy or code memorized. Usually, this can suffice for modest needs in low-trafficked areas. Or, if you already have a fence without a lock, you can add some extra security with a padlock. If you need something stronger, though, we offer other options!

Keyed Door

Did you know your gate lock can look a lot like your front door lock—even down to the handle?

Pro tip: Make sure your gate lock matches your home’s lock. That way, you only need to keep one key handy.

Keyed Latch

Keyed latches let us experience protection without paying a large price tag. This option includes a regular sliding latch, accompanied by a keyhole.

Mechanical Keyless

Next up on our list of types of gate lock options for your fence: mechanical keyless locks. Listen, not all of us want a ring full of keys. And besides, if you lose the key, you don’t want to have to spend time replacing it if you can avoid the task. With mechanical keyless locks, you just need to punch in your code. Of course, some options do need a bit more work to install—or to change the code. Still, if you want a convenient choice, this one will suit you well.

Electronic Keyless

Punch in the code, and you can step inside! Electronic keyless locks bring a convenient and safe option to the table. If you ever wish to change your code, (or have multiple codes on one lock) electronic keyless locks make the task quick and simple.

A tip: As you go through different models, you’ll need to keep an eye out for one important quality: fully weather-resistant protection. Both sides should offer it. Otherwise, your lock may fail if it’s in a place where it is exposed to the elements.

Smart Locks

You can upgrade the keyless lock experience with Smart Locks. With features like Bluetooth, fingerprint identification, OLED display, and an anti-peep touchscreen, tech fans will love this option. Still, you should keep two things in mind: the higher price and choosing a weather-resistant option!


Turner Fence installs Liftmaster gate locks! These high-tech, effective options mean you can leave keys and codes behind. In fact, you can open your gate using an app from your phone! Or, just press a button on your keychain, and presto! You can walk right in. As for the gates themselves, LiftMaster provides overhead, swinging, and sliding choices.


Building a fence can turn into an exciting journey. From explaining fence terms to going through the types of gate lock options for your fence, Turner Fence stands with you every step of the way. If you want to get started, call us at (334) 444-9008 or contact us for a free quote. Plus, learn more about fences and fence-building on our blog!