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Perimeter Fence vs. Privacy Fence: What’s the Difference?

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Fences serve a variety of purposes for homeowners, businesses, municipalities and beyond. Two of those have to do with the differences between a perimeter fence vs. privacy fence. Let’s recap the differences between the two.

What’s the difference?

In a nutshell, the main difference between the two fences is the purpose they serve. Basically, a perimeter fence vs. privacy fence comes down to what the words mean.

A perimeter by definition is a “continuous line forming the boundary” of a specific area. Privacy, on the other hand, refers to being undisturbed by others.

To summarize, a perimeter fence is used to identify boundaries while a privacy fence is designed to provide more peace and quiet.

More about perimeter fences

Meant to show boundaries, perimeter fences tend to cover a lot of ground. They can outline the basic perimeter of your property or enclose a specify section.

For example, you may want to mark off a garden plot, secure livestock or add another layer of protection around a pool. Or, you may want a perimeter fence around the entirety of your property line.

In general, a perimeter fence uses rougher grades of wood, for instance, which adds to an overall rustic charm.

More about privacy fences

Once again, since the goal of a perimeter fence vs. privacy fence differs, so do the designs.

Typically, privacy fences enclose smaller areas than perimeter fences. This often translates into a budget that may allow for more high-end materials.

In the end, you can also control just how much “privacy” your yard and property get. Some privacy fences have gaps between the boards allowing for a limited view, while others have no spacing whatsoever.

Homeowners can also choose from several style options, such as short picket fences to more modern horizontal wood fences.


Perimeter and privacy fences may serve different purposes, but both types of fencing can look good and be functional too. Need helping deciding which type would be best for you and your property? We can help!

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