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7 Tips for Protecting Your Fence When Mowing

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When you skip a much-needed grass trimming session, it’s clear for everyone in the neighborhood to see. Our yards may not be the most forgiving (especially in the Southern summer), but you can still take mercy on your fence. Keep it safe and pristine with these tips for protecting your fence when mowing.

Plan Ahead

First up on our list of tips for protecting your fence when mowing: planning ahead. If you’ve considered getting a fence, this step will save you time and stress. Talk to your builder about property lines and fence placement. They can help you determine the best position for your fence—ideally, one distant from the edge of your lawn. That way, your mower can easily stay clear.

Ask for Clearance

No, not a sale! Clearance, as in the space between the bottom of your fence and the ground. The more clearance you have, the easier time you will have mowing. Your fence builder—like us—can help you plan and prepare for your fence with this in mind!

Switch up Your Tools

Instead of using a mower along the fence lines, try an edger or trimmer. They offer a less unwieldy, more precise option. Remember to keep the tool about a half-inch away from the fence. And please—take your time!

Put Down Some Paving Stones

This one takes a bit of work! However, if you can’t put your fence far away from the edge of your lawn, it may offer a good alternative. Placing paving stones in the area between your lawn and fence can create a helpful dividing marker.

Try Mulch or Pebbles

Of course, you can try something easier: mulch or pebbles. Place it along the lines of your fence for a simple solution.

Add Planters Along the Fence

Or, if you want a more natural option, you can always add planters around your fence. You can also grow climbing plants—like these—along the area too.

Grow Some Shrubs

Another option? Shrubs! They will likely require pruning and trimming of their own, though, so keep that in mind.


Getting a fence represents an important investment in your property’s value—and your family’s safety. Look after it with these tips for protecting your fence when mowing. Then, you can get back to enjoying your summer!

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