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7 Tips for Selecting a Fence Stain

A few months ago, we covered some of the most crucial terms in the fence-building world. Among them? Fence stains! We defined them as “an element that will determine the shade of the wood comprising your fence.” Well, not only does your stain make your fence look good, but it also protects your wood from weathering too. So, for those who want to treat your posts to a little TLC this spring, try out these tips for selecting a fence stain.

Do a Test Strip

You know how you’re supposed to a test strip on your hair before you dye it? This precaution also extends to fence stains! Find an area of wood—ideally not one in prime view. Then, follow the directions on the stain and test it. If everything looks good, you can start the process in earnest.

Keep the Future in Your Sights

You’ve tested your stain. Do you like it? And will you like it as it lightens over time? Each shade eventually fades—so make sure that you can commit to a change in color.

Double-Check HOA Regulations

Even if you love your fence’s new shade, your HOA may not have the same fondness. Double-check the regulations! They may prefer a certain kind of color or they may require that your fence match up with the hue of your house.

Envision the Whole

You’ve focused fully on your fence—so you might forget about one of the biggest tips for selecting a fence stain. You should also consider the whole: your furniture, your plants, your house, and everything else in your yard. If the shade you choose just doesn’t match up, it can drastically change the appearance of your property.

Compare Your Options

No two stains are made alike! If you have pets, you’ll want a pet-friendly option. If you need extra protection, you’ll benefit from mildew-resistant and termite-resistant options. Effective sealing and higher pigment also matter too and can net a better result. The fence stain you choose could stick around for several years! You’ll want to take those extra few minutes to compare your options.

Don’t Layer

It’s easy to make this mistake! However, you shouldn’t actually layer your fence stain. Otherwise, the end result will look slapdash and incohesive. Less really is more!

Ask Us!

We offer warranties for a reason: we want to ensure you have the best fence possible! If you have a question about fence stains—or anything else fence related—contact your friends at Turner Fence!


Spring cleaning? We’ve done it. Now, we can embark on spring makeovers! Everyone can upgrade their yard by employing these tips for selecting a fence stain. And if you still need a fence first, give us a call at 334-444-9008 or contact us here. As for learning more about the world of fences—and fences around the worldcheck out our blog.